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Bob Antonellis

Bringing the Power to the People.





165 Middlesex Ave #1077

Somerville, Massachusetts 02145

Date of Birth:

July 10th, 1962

A Bit About Me

Investigative Reporter and Documentary Filmmaker, Robert “Bob” Antonellis, has stepped into the world of politics as his ultimate expression of service to the public, where he intends to change the political landscape in Massachusetts and Washington D.C. Robert offers up his powerful problems solving abilities, his absolutely unique intellect and his special brand of charisma as a bulwark against the endless attacks Americans now face, on a daily basis, from a self-serving and dangerous, rogue government.

Bob is an Industrial Engineer who specialized in Operation Research at UMASS Amherst, where he learned about super-computing and optimal decision-making technologies, as long ago as 1982, only month after IBM’s launch of the original PC. Bob's committed 40+ years to the Software Industry as a thought leader and has refined his skilled hand in the arts of Entrepreneurship, Team Building, and New Product Development. He continuously delivers seemingly simple solutions to otherwise complex and unsolvable problems.

With Bob’s latest plans to take on and defeat Elizabeth Warren, he can now commit his entire film archive and his shocking satellite evidence revealing high treason at Harvard, as he exposes the mass thefts of the rights and property of Americans, rooted at the most liberal place on earth, Harvard. Robert proves, you can not drain the swamp, so long as the Harvard Crimson Tide is still rising. So, the sports team of Harvard, the Harvard Crimson Tide Rising, is nothing less than a Bloodbath.

If elected, the citizens of Massachusetts and America could rest easy in the knowledge they have a U.S. Senator, finally fighting for them, with the people’s wants and needs always on his mind. We can finally start to live and prosper in peace, once again. Bob will lead a change in government to better serve the people and to end the attacks on our Constitutional Freedoms and God Given Rights. Bob has, “cracked the code of the New World Order (NWO)”, and has uncovered innumerable attacks on the U.S.A., concocted in darkness, and which often require a False Flag PSYOP to trick the American people into doing what they never would otherwise do. In this way, Americans have been fleeced of their fundamental and God Given Constitutional rights. Bob intends to expose these crimes, bring the perpetrators to justice, and fully restore those rights.

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