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Hi Fellow Americans,

I’m Bob J. Antonellis, running for U.S. Senate, on a shoestring, as a Mass. native and graduate of UMASS Amherst, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, 1984. I have lived in Mass. my entire life and worked in the software industry for virtually all of my career. Today, I am making my way into politics with my work as an Investigative Reporter and Documentary Filmmaker. 

For today, I have a message directly for Elizabeth Warren and too many politicians on both sides of the aisle in Washington D.C.

Stop Stealing the U.S.A.


They’re stealing our children’s hearts and souls, right under our noses, then calling us bad when we get rightly furious. They take John and give us back Jill. They take Mary and give us back Mark.

  • They’re making our kids suicidal, imposing a lifetime of infection, STD’s and physical pain. And they’ll protect America from attack?

Washington is stealing our liberty and freedoms, systematically, even Demonically.

  • 9/11 as an “inside job”, we’ll be talking more about Harvard’s role in that, it was done, in part, to get American Patriots to support the Patriot Act, which forces Americans to nearly undress, just to get on a plane, and legalized spying on everyone.

  • And the miscarriage of justice, convicting Donald Trump, without stating the crime. We’re all now in grave danger of political persecution.

They are stealing our borders, the only thing that protects America. Elizabeth Warren, and so many others, have invited that invasion.

  • Welcoming foreigners by the millions, on our dime, to steal our jobs, our money, our homes, and yes, our lives.

They are stealing our Security

  • They want our guns, just like King George III, which triggered the Revolutionary War. What’s Harvard’s role? and what about eliminating cash bail? My campaign will reveal the terrorist underpinning of these roughly 70 District Attorneys who rammed that down our throats, leaving our streets, businesses and homes exposed to violent criminals. They need to be arrested, including Alvin Bragg.

Finally, they are stealing our soul as a nation, teaching our children their Satanic religion, and seducing our kids into an evil and deadly world. STOP!

Please spread memo far and wide and reach Elizabeth Warren to declare, Stop STEALING the U.S.A. Now!

Every penny counts towards building a better future for our state and our country.

Subscribe to at my website in the home page, and please support my campaign with a small donation.

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 I’m Robert J. Antonellis

 May God Bless America!

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