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Bob Antonellis
Not your typical Politician

Bob Antonellis - Not your typical Politician

We need to have our own house in order before we can assist the rest of the world to enjoy the successes that we have been blessed with here in the United States.

Our sovereignty as a nation must be protected by securing our borders. Warren’s support of an open border is unacceptable. Legal orderly immigration is what built this country into what it is today. Opening our borders to everyone who can manage to sneak in will destroy what we have built and opens the door to terrorists, drug smuggling and human trafficking. Watch the movie “Sound of Freedom.” It is truthful, eye opening and well done.

The United States military is responsible for our freedoms and successful free trade around the world. Without a fiercely strong military we open the door to the countries and evil criminals from around the globe who would take away our financial security and freedoms that we have earned and all Americans expect. Ronald Reagan had the right idea. Peace through strength. This should be the number one priority for our federal government.

Financial stability works hand in hand with keeping our military sufficiently supported to protect us. Instead of the expected financial rebound after the world-wide pandemic President Biden instead shut down the Keystone XL pipeline and created roadblocks to discourage domestic oil production. All in the name of the religion of climate change and supported by your current representatives in the US Senate. Of course, we should develop technologies and energy sources that will do less harm to our environment but our economy currently thrives on the use of fossil fuels and we must do everything we can to prevent this disruption in our economy. Drill baby drill!

Public education is the primary factor in ensuring that our future generation will have the tools to maintain our strength. We must support the needs of students first. Our priority is not about supporting school systems it about supporting students first. America First means students first.

Crime and poverty plague urban neighborhoods. Prosecutors and judges must insure that violent criminals are punished.  With Bob’s Adopt-A-Neighborhood Program we can improve life for everyone.

Gender dysphoria is an unfortunate difficulty that has infected our youth and seems to be supported and promoted by Elizabeth Warren and her gang of crazy liberals. These people must be helped and protected but not at the expense of other people’s freedom and safety. If you were born a male you should not be allowed to play in women’s sports or change and shower in women’s locker rooms. Common sense is sometimes not that common.

Our second amendment rights shall not be infringed. New Hampshire is a great example that illustrates how passing “constitutional carry” will reduce crime and gun violence by ensuring that law abiding citizens are able to protect themselves. We must pass this law, which is already a part of our constitution, in all 50 states. By nature, criminal don’t obey laws. What makes anyone think that criminals would obey a law prohibiting the illegal use of weapons? We have plenty of laws on this topic on the books. No additional law will change the behavior of criminals and passing new laws only serves to reduce the freedom of law-abiding citizens. If this method worked no one would speed on the highway and no one would be using illegal drugs. This is basic logic and it is comical that our representatives in the US Senate don’t have the common sense to acknowledge it.

Bob Antonellis is not your typical entrenched politician and will work to protect the citizens of Massachusetts.

  • Why remove the MLK Jr. statue from Boston Common?
    I you have seen it with your own eyes, or even a picture of it, you will know. It sure looks like an intentional attack on the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King. The Internet was ablaze for week, including those related to the Kings, that this is nothing less than a disgrace to the Boston Common, every Democrat in Massachusetts who remained quiet (all of them) and the Democrat Party in Washington D.C. Tear it down, melt it down, and claw back the millions squandered on this statue, which made Massachusetts the laughing stock of the world, once again.
    Cape Wind must be terminated IMMEDIATELY – Of course, it’s undermining the energy grid, and of course these huge killing machines will poison our ocean, and our ocean view, especially when they become giant rusting metal hulks of garbage in the ocean, the same ocean which feeds us. But, the whales, dolphins and all water mammals will have been forced into extinction by the sounds of jack hammers, causing fragile ear drums to burst, and blocking life-saving communications between these most precious animals. Sound can travel up to 10,000 miles under water, which means the low-frequency sound testing, alone, will bring mass beaching’s of whales and dolphins. And once these windmills become operational, the killing will continue. Data from European windmill farms show that aquatic bird populations are down 95 PERCENT, near windmills. This is because some birds get sucked into a wind vortex, wounding them, while others simply can no longer fish, due to their need for a predictable wind to keep their aim perfect. So, it seems the creators and supporters of Cape Wind have aligned themselves to break our energy grid, and to harm humanity and nature in numerous ways, which is why Cape Wind must be stopped IMMEDIATELY!
  • Are Menthol Cigarettes REALLY more dangerous than smoking Crack and Meth?!
    How else can you explain that Massachusetts bans Menthol Cigarettes as they hand out Crack and Meth pipes, like they’re candy? It’s just more “Red Tape”, which this campaign will prove is just "Royal Red Coat Red Tape". Punish the people when they have the nerve to enjoy their freedoms, and watch their freedoms wither on the vine. And yes, some people enjoy smoking Menthol Cigarettes, NOT lighting up a FREE Crack and Meth pipe. Add that to the list. The joy of the open road, the internal combustion engine, BBQ, air conditioners, and cooking with gas. Add “Menthol Cigarettes” to that list.
  • Was the White House behind the leak of the Dobb's Decision?
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  • How can the American Dream return life to America's great cities?
    For the answer to that question, click the button below and scroll to the "Adopt-A-Neighborhood" Program.
  • Is it possible to get Trump into the White House WITHOUT an Election?
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