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Bob Antonellis - Not your typical Politician

Robert "Bob" Antonellis, Candidate for U.S. Senate (R-MA)


We are a captured nation run by a criminal syndicate that is exploiting us. They’re not working for us. If we don’t fix this, we’re finished.


Some of the problems:

We’re being fleeced at every level, with no accountability. Fraud, racketeering and graft, are everywhere, kickbacks, bribery, blackmail. 

Our people are miserable under current conditions.​

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” - Proverbs 29:2 KJV

We can’t live like this. Things have to change.

Safety, Security and Well-Being

Fear is Here. People are fearful. We need to face it. Let’s talk about it.


End Sanctuary State status for Massachusetts and all other states.

It’s destroying whole regions of the country. 


Re-Criminalize Crime and Decriminalize Self-Defense. 

It’s ridiculous now, as it is.


The State of Texas is exercising its “Right of Self-Defense” with regard to the foreign invasion of its border.


We stand with Texas. 

Self-defense, the inherent right to protect oneself, one’s loved ones, property and liberty, is a natural right that issues from God, not government. 

We’re being invaded by millions of military-aged men from other nations, with monthly stipends from the U.N., now here, in the States, waiting for instructions. 


Universal Constitutional Carry throughout the U.S., so we can defend our families.  

Declare deadly fentanyl a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). 

Then, dealing becomes a Capital Crime. Everything changes after that.

Declare MA a Sales Tax-Free State. 

Why? Graft. Where is the sales tax really going?

Government’s sacred duty is to protect the best interests of its people. Government is servant, not master. The role of servant government is to sincerely serve the people, with true integrity and consent of the governed - not contrived.

It is simple. When government serves its people with integrity and common decency, it need not fear a backlash from its people and there is no loss of face and nothing to fear.

Accordingly, we cannot tolerate a government that acts as master versus servant of the people, without regard for rule of law and common decency. And, which works against the interests of its people; including our natural right to self-defend against all threats to our persons, loved ones, property, and liberty.

Immediate return to common sense rule of law at every level.

Subversion, lawlessness, corruption, abusiveness, by those in authority, and tyranny will not be tolerated.

More to come…

Putting the Beauty Back into America the Beautiful
America is being attacked by the Radical Left who are stripping away the things we love, and endlessly forcing upon us to swallow the things we instinctively hate. Bob Antonellis has a plan to win the culture war, to end all the assaults on our common decency, and create a healthy sense of normalcy, so Americans can finally get back to living their lives in peace.
We Must Protect Womanhood
which is under direct and constant attack by Islam and the Transgender deception. Bob supports a Federal ban on Sharia Law, the burka, and the hijab, and using capital punishment for those who engage in Honor Killings and those who perform Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) procedures, whether it’s a doctor in a hospital or the janitor at the mosque.
Bob will block the use of the school curricula, which confuses and converts young students, often legally minors, to changing their identities, often intentionally hidden from the parents. 
Bob would consider using criminal charges against those who “kidnap children from the inside out,” as well as using “Pension Purgatory” for teachers, principals, administrators, who prey on children to create a financial disincentive.
We must also remove statues which are expressly anti-woman, like the “Embrace” statue on the Boston Common. Replace the Embrace Disgrace! (Read about this on his Mission page)
A Domestic Energy Policy that Boosts “Made in the U.S.A.” and Provides High Paying Jobs
Support the plan which returns America to Energy Independence and puts America First, where the whole world needs it to be. We need gas at $2.00 per gallon, like it was the day Biden got into office.
Ban offshore and onshore windfarms in all 50 States, U.S. Territories, and U.S. Territorial waters
The massive environmental devastation, onshore and offshore, is not worth the meager amount of undependable energy provided, not even counting the permanence of the landfill created. The zero net-impact to global warming reveals the whole operation was a hoax, giving billions of dollars to China and mostly foreign oil giants, like British Petroleum.
Return the Offshore Drilling Licenses in the Gulf of Mexico to American Corporations
When the British Petroleum oil platform exploded, deep underwater, on April 20, 2010, under Obama/Biden, offshore drilling was stopped in the Gulf of Mexico. But, when drilling resumed, thereafter, those licenses somehow went to Brazilian oil companies and other foreign entitles.
Ban Bitcoin Mining from all 50 States and U.S. Territories
Over 2 Billion Bitcoin/Crypto mining computers, specifically designed PC’s, run, throughout the world, 24 hours per day, and 7 days per week. These 2 billion+ machine may as well be fancy lottery machines, competing to earn a $50,000 prize (in Bitcoin) every 10 minute, or 144 times per day. Bitcoin/Crypto is driving up electricity costs in every country in the world, at best. At worst, Bitcoin/Crypto causes death of the poorest people in the world and is connected to the murder of 264 Texans, when Texas had a blackout that lasted 10 long and bloody days. The windmills freezing is only part of the story. Bitcoin mining facilities need to be shut down.
Bitcoin alone uses more electricity than the nation of Poland.

Questions about Bob's positions

Why remove the MLK Jr. statue from Boston Common?

I you have seen it with your own eyes, or even a picture of it, you will know. It sure looks like an intentional attack on the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King. The Internet was ablaze for week, including those related to the Kings, that this is nothing less than a disgrace to the Boston Common, every Democrat in Massachusetts who remained quiet (all of them) and the Democrat Party in Washington D.C. Tear it down, melt it down, and claw back the millions squandered on this statue, which made Massachusetts the laughing stock of the world, once again

Why ALL Off Shore Wind projects on CAPE COD, and America, must be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY?!

All current and all proposed Off Shore Wind projects on CAPE COD, and America, must be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY?! Of course, it’s undermining the energy grid, and of course these huge killing machines will poison our ocean, and our ocean view, especially when they become giant rusting metal hulks of garbage in the ocean, the same ocean which feeds us. But, the whales, dolphins and all water mammals will have been forced into extinction by the sounds of jack hammers, causing fragile ear drums to burst, and blocking life-saving communications between these most precious animals. Sound can travel up to 10,000 miles under water, which means the low-frequency sound testing, alone, will bring mass beaching’s of whales and dolphins. And once these windmills become operational, the killing will continue. Data from European windmill farms show that aquatic bird populations are down 95 PERCENT, near windmills. This is because some birds get sucked into a wind vortex, wounding them, while others simply can no longer fish, due to their need for a predictable wind to keep their aim perfect. So, it seems the creators and supporters of (formerly) Cape Wind have aligned themselves to break our energy grid, and to harm humanity and nature in numerous ways, which is why all proposed Off Shore Wind projects on CAPE COD, and throughout America, must be stopped IMMEDIATELY!

Are Menthol Cigarettes REALLY more dangerous than smoking Crack and Meth?!

How else can you explain that Massachusetts bans Menthol Cigarettes as they hand out Crack and Meth pipes, like they’re candy? It’s just more “Red Tape”, which this campaign will prove is just "Royal Red Coat Red Tape". Punish the people when they have the nerve to enjoy their freedoms, and watch their freedoms wither on the vine. And yes, some people enjoy smoking Menthol Cigarettes, NOT lighting up a FREE Crack and Meth pipe. Add that to the list. The joy of the open road, the internal combustion engine, BBQ, air conditioners, and cooking with gas. Add “Menthol Cigarettes” to that list.

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