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Judgement Day Derailed

Judgement Day Derailed - Crafty SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Leak Neatly Swept Epic 9-0 Free Speech Case Win Under the Rug

By: Robert Antonellis and Concerned Humanity Published On: 15-May-2022 Last Updated: 15-May-2022

Following the obviously intentional malicious leak of Justice Sam Alito’s Roe v. Wade draft opinion, dark forces commandeered the narrative, unleashing a virtual tsunami of “news” bent on optimum destruction and disruption.

What most don’t know is that, about 11 hours prior to Politico’s piece, the Supreme Court published its pivotal unanimous 9-0 January 2022 judgment, in favor of Shurtleff, in “Shurtleff v. the City of Boston”, which held sacred free speech and trounced “separation of church and state”, long used as a battering ram to bludgeon people of faith and strip them of their right to speak freely.

The Quick Back Story:

In 2009, Hal Shurtleff founded Camp Constitution, 100 miles northwest of Boston, “as a New Hampshire based charitable trust for the purpose of teaching the principles of liberty, freedom, and our nation's Godly heritage.” By 2017, Hal had watched numerous organizations win the right to fly their flags in front of Boston City Hall, for a token one-hour period. As a symbol of Boston’s commitment to a diversity of views, flags, including that of Rainbow Coalition, the LGBTQ+ community, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and an occult flag, among others, flew at the same height as the flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, at Boston City Hall.

By the time Hal applied to fly his Camp Constitution flag, 284 flags had been flown, and no application had ever been denied. His odds seemed good.

But, Hal had ensured that the flag of Camp Constitution included a cross. And, that fact, and the charter of Camp Constitution were enough for the City of Boston to play the “separation of church and state” card. While, they may have expected Hal to go away, quietly, instead, he went to the media. His case caught the eye of Liberty Counsel, “an international nonprofit litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life…”, and history happened.

Liberty Counsel picked up the case, which went to the Supreme Court, covering 100% of its cost, and culminating in the SCOTUS decision of January 18, 2022 and its May 2, 2022 publication.

The night before the ruling, Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of The Christian Defense Coalition, led an entourage, including Hal, from Liberty Counsel’s D.C. office, across the street and just a stone’s throw away, to the Supreme Court for a prayer vigil. This co-writer, Robert, was there and can provide a firsthand account of this event:

“Rev. Mahoney started our journey by gesturing to the second floor of the Supreme Court, then pointing to a small statue of the Ten Commandments (about 2’ x 2’ in size) on its front grass, and said, ‘We put the Ten Commandments there so that each of the nine Justices would see it, any time they looked out those windows.’

“He explained the legalities used to overcome the City of D.C.’s attempt to remove the statue for breaking its zoning laws, which prohibited the display of religious and Christian objects, suggesting that Liberty Counsel’s display violated the ‘principle of separation of church and state.’

“Simply describing the ground-breaking foundational document of Judeo-Christian civilization as a ‘garden ornament’ did the trick. And now, the good Reverend can point to the ‘Shurtleff v. the City of Boston’ SCOTUS decision, permitting its free speech, as license for its display.”

Wouldn’t a unanimous decision against the contentious “separation of church and state” debate, and in favor of free speech, be a breath of fresh air for a great many who haven’t yet heard of it? But, instead, the joy of this pivotal decision, and subsequent celebration, were quickly eclipsed by The Leak, thrusting its millions of would-be celebrants into a defensive mode of battening-down the hatches, expecting a barrage of nasty attacks, on its churches, and even the homes of the SCOTUS justices, precisely timed for Mother’s Day.

Coinciding with this, the coordinated instant rage and radical protests of (paid?) pro-abortionists and the seemingly FDA-facilitated shortage of baby formula. Is this a pre-meditated attack on motherhood and family? Is not “abortion” itself such an attack? What, after all, IS abortion?

Was the Roe v. Wade leak timed, in part, to “step on” the news of the Shurtleff monumental “separation of church and state” free speech case win, of earlier that day, in time for Mother’s Day?

And, isn’t it interesting, too - and a bit curious - that Justice Breyer’s “retirement” from SCOTUS was leaked by the White House, 9 days later… 9 days after the court’s 9-0 Shurtleff case decision favorable to free speech that Breyer had authored?

How long have we been muzzled? And, how do we honor the courage and commitment of Hal Shurtleff, Camp Constitution, Liberty Counsel, supporters of the case, and the wisdom and courage of the Court, for its epic decision that frees us to speak?

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