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Senator Warren to Face Senate Race Competition

Read the article by Kristen Brissette for the BOSTON BROADSIDE, published in the July 2023 issue of Cape Cod's Barnstable Broadside section.

The photo shows Candidate Robert Antonellis with Janet Fogarty, National Congresswoman Massachusetts, on the left, and Amy Carnevale, MassGOP - Chair, on the right. Photograph was taken at a BBQ by Liberty Church Lexington, at the home of Mr Rick and Shuang Stoppe, by an unnamed church member.

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1 Comment

Tom Alves
Tom Alves
Dec 16, 2023

Its time to replace swamp rat Elizabeth Warren! Massachusetts and USA has had enough of these socialist scumbags ruining everything that is good about the USA. We want our country back, where law abiding taxpayers don't have to look over there shoulder and criminals can expect to be held accountable!

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